In Relation to Shared Fitness Agreement

In Order to compensate to have larger pools in Residence II and III and not exceed the building regulations of exceeding 10,000m2 of construction on the Condominiums each individual titles Residence II III and IV Secured an agreement that all Three condominiums will combine there fitness facilities so as to offer a more exciting and practical fitness system and environment. for the Tenants.
The facilities include the following:

  1. A shared pool side fitness room for those whom want a quick work out while taking a dip in the pool or laying around the pool soaking up some sun. ( Please note this is a share facilities between Residence II & III )
  1. The use of the Beverly Hills Spa and resort Chip and Putt range directly in front of Residence II , III , and IV ( conditions apply, this land is lease hold of whom The Beverly Hills Hotel and Resort along with McInnes Corporation are the Lease’s and controllers, and is not part of Residence II ,III, or IV however the Beverly Hill Resort allows the Residence of Residence II , III and IV the use of its facilities for a Yearly fee covered by the owners of Residence II, III, and IV including the Town Houses yearly maintenance fee’s The maximum Lease span is 20 years of which is renewed every Three years.)
  1. The Power Gym. The power Gym is situated on the first floor of Residence IV and it is agreed by the Companies that all owners and tenants of Residence II,III and IV will have the right of use of this facility, this is a professional weight and fitness facility with Showers and Sauna. (The Facility is pass code protected and can only be used from 6am to 9pm 7 days per week)
  1. The Heath and Spa  . An agreement between the Beverly Hills Resort and Spa which is set next to Residence IV provides the use of its 5 star fitness heath and beauty facilities due to be completed in March 2008 to all Tenants of Residence I,II ,III and IV. These facilities include Massage, Spa baths, professional Cardio gym, and a tropical swimming pool, Tenants will also receive discount accommodation rates from the spa.
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